Of Spindles and Spirituality; Group Pursues Arts and Crafts With Unusual Fervor – New York Times

This excellent article about the Church of Craft, appeared in the New York region section on September 20, 2003.

Read it to learn why Callie says:

“It ended up being more real than I was used to art being”

YouTube – The Church of Craft on Talk TV

Hear about the Church of Craft on TalkTV:

YouTube – The Church of Craft on Talk TV.

Who Remembers Kathy Barra?

The Cubby Creatures’ delightful EP features the song “Knitting Bee”, which was inspired by the Church!

Check it out here:

Who Remembers Kathy Barra?

Leah Buckareff’s “Nuts n’ Bolts”

There’s a mention of the Toronto Chapter in this article about The Good Book, Leah Buckareff’s “Nuts n’ Bolts” no-sew scrapbook, as seen in Canadian Living a while back.

KnitKnit Interview: Church of Craft

Oliver Irwin from KniKnit Magazine interviews the Church of Craft:

So I realized that making things was my spiritual practice. And when I think about making things, I don’t feel comfortable limiting that to just artwork. Because that’s not, obviously, how I live my life.

Read all of it here: KnitKnit Interviews the Church of Craft