For the Rebellion of It

In the Arts Section of the New York Times, Melena Ryzik uses the COC to give some context to the current exhibit at the MAD Museum. This first quote reaches out towards the church’s 2000 AD roots:

“… That same year groups of women and the occasional sensitive guy began gathering on Sundays to swap ideas and patterns in an organization called the Church of Craft…”

“The Church of Craft now has outposts in nine cities, and the Museum of Arts and Design will most likely be overrun with its yarn-toting acolytes, primed for the idea that craft is the height of creativity”

Read all about it: A New Wave Now Knits for the Rebellion of It – New York Times.

Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting


Carl Lane's "5 shovels"

Giving a shout out to all “the artisans in the Church of Craft,” The New York Times published a review of the show Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting at the Museum of Art and Design. If you missed the exhibit, you can see some of the show on MAD’s website.

Very Short Scarves

Callie Janoff, the driving force behind the Church of Craft (a nonreligious group devoted to handicrafts), has put together an exhibition of unfinished artifacts by nine New York-based members. From incomplete sweaters to a patchwork quilt that’s been 20 years in the making, the objects will be accompanied by the stories of their creation.

Instigator, 220 North Eighth Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 1 t0 7 p.m., opening reception at 5 p.m.; free.

The New York Times > Arts > The Guide

New York Sun: Egg dyers in action

The New York Sun covered the NY Chapters April ’04 workshop with the Eggman in their Out on the Town section: 

COC and the Eggman in the NY Sun

COC and the Eggman in the NY Sun

Purl Jam: COC in Portland Trib

The fuzzy yarn is flying on Craft Night at Nocturnal on East Burnside Street.- “Most of the people who work here are either artists or musicians,” says the nightclub’s Seann McKeel. “On Wednesdays it was slow down here, so the cook would be cutting patterns, and the bartender knitting at the bar, and I was like, ‘What is this, Craft Night?’

This great article appeared in the Portland Tribune on December 2, 2003. Read it all by following the link to: Purl jam