Boise CoC ~ 9/27

Our next meeting has been confirmed by VaC ~ we will be convening at 5pm on Sunday, 9/27 for crafting, open rehearsals (bands, book your slot early by emailing sam:

Visit our facebook page for more details…
Garden City Kraft Mafia

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Boise CoC on Sunday 8/16

Crafting for grownups and kids – this Sunday at Visual Arts Collective and Woman of Steel Gallery!

Visit our facebook page to rsvp or learn more

A Boise CoC is born

Our congregation – comprised of artists, crafters, musicians, geeks, businesspeople, moms, dads and makers of all varieties – has one common belief: that creating something with your hands is one of the most satisfying and meaningful things that we can do in this world.  We come together in a supportive and fun environment to inspire each other, learn from each other, entertain each other and create a more vibrant maker-culture in Boise.  We provide a safe, non judgmental, secular atmosphere in which the term “craft” can apply to just about anything.  Our meetings are rooted in ideals about sustainability and community and are fueled by creativity.   Our house of worship, the Visual Arts Collective provides us with a wonderful environment in which to hold our events and share the love.

Boise is crafty!

Our little gang is excited to be official.  Here is a photo from our most recent meeting, in which a lamp, a quilt, some necklaces, handbags, patches, screenprints and plushie cupcakes (among other things) were made:

Boise CoC July 26

Boise CoC July 26