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Very Short Scarves

Callie Janoff, the driving force behind the Church of Craft (a nonreligious group devoted to handicrafts), has put together an exhibition of unfinished artifacts by nine New York-based members. From incomplete sweaters to a patchwork quilt that’s been 20 years

New York Sun: Egg dyers in action

The New York Sun covered the NY Chapters April ’04 workshop with the Eggman in their Out on the Town section: …

Photos from the NYC Meeting, 14 October, 2003

Powerful Wrist Protection

Catherine Stinson’s knit wristbands, as seen in Canadian Living

Of Spindles and Spirituality; Group Pursues Arts and Crafts With Unusual Fervor – New York Times

This excellent article about the Church of Craft, appeared in the New York region section on September 20, 2003.

Read it to learn why Callie says:

“It ended up being more real than I was used to art being”