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San Francisco Gets Crafty

Great news, Bay Area crafters…. we’ve booked Citizen Space for a few fabulous Church of Craft Sundays!

  • August 23rd – great time, thanks for coming!
  • September 27th – great time, thanks for coming!
  • October 25th, 12-5pm <– join us!

craft crazyness!

Citizen …

Church of Craft singers!

A few months ago, a friend did some audio recording during a CoC event, and crafters volunteered for some sing-along fun. The Very Most’s new album “Autumn” is out now–we’re on track 3, at the end, singing “aaaaaaaahhhhhh wwwwhhheeeeee!”

tvm autumn

Announcement: Next LA Church of Craft Meeting October 25th

Dear Friends in Craft:

Please join us for the first Church of Craft meeting of the fall on Sunday, October 25th just in time for Halloween. This time, I’ll be sans infant because she’s gotten quite grabby, which means I …

Boise CoC on 10/25

Our last meeting was super fun…we might be the most eclectic church of craft ever:

sewing: album covers, checkbook covers, quilts, blankets, buttons
soldering: the guts of an amplifier, some other strange scientific looking thing
computing: photoshop
sketching: homework
building: …