Church of Craft Manchester

I am very pleased and excited to announce that after being absent for many months Church of Craft Manchester is back.

After struggling to find a suitable venue, Church of Craft Manchester took a hiatus and I felt very sad about the lack of places for creativity in a city with such a rich heritage for creation and originality. I was clearly not the only person to feel this way and for many months a group of people have been toiling away to create a new arts place in Manchester. Based in the Sunshine Building, Marbella Cafe is an awesome space for eating, hanging out, finding new art and people and just being you know, creative. Having sampled the food, I highly recommend the place. It’s got a good feel, the kind of place you can walk into on your own and feel at home.

From January 2009 onwards, this will be the new home of Church of Craft Manchester, I believe that it’s the ideal place as both CofC and Marbella have the same values. I’m sure it’s the start of many great things to come.

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