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Asheville Chapter at Short Street Cakes!

The Asheville Chapter of the Church of Craft meets on the last Sunday of each month from 1pm to 4pm at Short Street Cakes located at 225 Haywood Road in West Asheville.   Bring a portable project of any kind and …

Handmade Nation

The indie craft movement is coming to a big screen near you with Faythe Levine’s new documentary and book, Handmade Nation!

Faith traveled to 15 cities and interviewed 80 crafters to gather material for the project. The movie includes an …

KnitKnit Interview: Church of Craft

Oliver Irwin from KniKnit Magazine interviews the Church of Craft:

So I realized that making things was my spiritual practice. And when I think about making things, I don’t feel comfortable limiting that to just artwork. Because that’s not, obviously,

YouTube – Church of Craft on Gotham TV

Gotham Television has done a piece on the Church of Craft! 

YouTube – Church of Craft on Gotham TV.…

ReadyMade: Instructions for Everyday Life

“Give them your tired,
your poor,
your computer-addled
to breathe free.”

ReadyMade Magazine puts the Church of Craft in some historical context and features an interview with Rev. Callie in the April 2002, issue. You can read the whole …