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Handmade Nation

The indie craft movement is coming to a big screen near you with Faythe Levine’s new documentary and book, Handmade Nation!

Faith traveled to 15 cities and interviewed 80 crafters to gather material for the project. The movie includes an …

Photos from the NY Halloween Bash!

Halloween4 Halloween7 Halloween5 Halloween10

Purl Jam: COC in Portland Trib

The fuzzy yarn is flying on Craft Night at Nocturnal on East Burnside Street.- “Most of the people who work here are either artists or musicians,” says the nightclub’s Seann McKeel. “On Wednesdays it was slow down here, so the

Photos from the NYC Meeting, 14 October, 2003

Who Remembers Kathy Barra?

The Cubby Creatures’ delightful EP features the song “Knitting Bee”, which was inspired by the Church!

Check it out here:

Who Remembers Kathy Barra?