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First LA Church of Craft Meeting of the Summer, June 29th

Dear Friends in Craft:

Will you join me on the 29th for our first meeting of the summer? I’ve gotten ambitious and started a sweater. Yea! If the weather’s nice (which I suspect it might be), we may head out …

First Spring LA Church of Craft Meeting May 4th

Dear Friends in Craft:

Whoa! It’s spring. And we haven’t met in a long time. Sorry about that! But if you’re up for it, let’s plan to meet on Sunday, May 4th. If the weather’s nice (which I suspect it …

LA Church of Craft Meeting, Sunday, July 28th

Dear Friends in Craft:

After a LOOOONG hiatus to finish baking and birthing my new baby, I am back in action and eager to craft with all of you. Thanks for your patience!

If the weather’s nice, we may head …

Next LA Church of Craft Meeting November 18th

Dear Friends in Craft:

Do you have time for crafting before Thanksgiving? I hope so, because we’ll be meeting this Sunday. I have to figure out what to make for holiday gifts, and I’ll have pictures of the award-winning (no, …

Next LA Church of Craft Meeting October 7th

Dear Friends in Craft:

Well, the more I thought about it, the more I thought we shouldn’t meet on Carmageddon weekend. So, how about next weekend? I think it’s supposed to be cooler then, too, so it will be a …