Start a Chapter

So you want to start a Church of Craft in your own town…

Anytime crafters get together to share some time and creativity, the spirit of the Church of Craft is there. We have formal flocks all over the world, and we also delight in watching people gather for crafternoons, meetups, make-and-takes, knitting circles, and all other forms of crafty connection. When people craft together, wonderful things happen. Friendships are born, stress dissolves, and spirits are renewed. Would you like to form a Church of Craft flock in your town? Read on…

What to Do:
If you want to start a public chapter, and have it listed on the official Church of Craft website, the process goes like this:

  • First, find a place to meet. It can be a public place like a cafe, or a private home. You might also make sure it has good lighting, comfortable places to sit, food and drink available, and a restroom.
  • Next, go ahead and have a few meetings, so you can test out your location, and see how you like organizing the group. It can be a bit more work than many people realize, so this trial-run is a good idea. (Take a look at the last page of this guide for more tips on what it takes to lead a flock.)
  • Once you have a few meetings under your belt, and you’re sure you enjoy leading a flock, then it’s time for a phone interview. A Church of Craft flock leader will chat with you, and ask you a few questions. We do this just to get to know you, and make sure your flock’s activities are in line with our mission.
  • We’ll also ask you to submit a short written statement, explaining in your own words why you want to lead a Church of Craft flock, and how you plan to conduct your meetings.
  • With these steps completed, your new flock will be included on the Church of Craft website, and you will be set up with a Church of Craft email address and access to the mailing list server. Congratulations! You’re an official flock leader!

What’s involved in being a Flock Leader?…

We are looking for dedicated people who are willing to:

  • Scout out a good meeting location.
  • Actively get the word out about their flock.
  • Create a welcoming environment at their meetings.
  • Be inclusive, as Church of Craft meetings are open to all.
  • Stay involved, because it takes time to build a flock.
  • Seek opportunities to involve Church of Craft in the local community.

It can take anywhere from 3 – 8 hours of your time per month to be a Flock Leader. So it’s also a good idea to give some thought to whether you have this much time available in your schedule.

Do I have to be a spiritual leader, too?

Well, yes, in a sense. You don’t need to deliver sermons or hear confessions, but leading a flock does involve some qualities that could be considered spiritual:

  • Are you willing to be accepting of all people who attend your meetings, regardless of their age, social standing, occupation, or demeanor?
  • Are you willing to foster connections between people in your flock? Are you willing to watch for opportunities, introduce people, offer resources, get involved?
  • Are you willing to create a safe, supportive space for people to craft in? This may mean that you introduce yourself to newcomers, and make conversation with people who don’t have friends in the group. It may mean that you organize special activities for the group, keep the coffeepot filled and the wastebaskets emptied. In other words, the tone of your meetings is set and maintained by you. What can you do to make them enjoyable and renewing?


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