YouTube – Church of Craft on Gotham TV

Gotham Television has done a piece on the Church of Craft! 

YouTube – Church of Craft on Gotham TV.

ReadyMade: Instructions for Everyday Life

“Give them your tired,
your poor,
your computer-addled
to breathe free.”

ReadyMade Magazine puts the Church of Craft in some historical context and features an interview with Rev. Callie in the April 2002, issue. You can read the whole thing over on ReadyMade’s website. The whole title? “Save Your Soul at the Church of Craft: Have Twentysomethings Found God In Glitter?”

Bust Magazine

BUST Magazine has written a short but *right on* article about the Church of Craft in their April 02 issue. Pick up BUST at any major bookstore asap. BUST is on shaky financial ground, so go to their website and buy some merch or a subscription to keep this great mag alive

Sew Hip!

The Church of Craft is featured in this great article from the Sacramento Bee, Jan. 3, 2002:

Informal History

10×10 Magazine published an article in November of 2001 titled “The Church of Craft, An Informal History (and one woman’s conversion)”

If you have been wondering what it’s all about you can take a look at a pdf of the article or read it all after the break: Read More »