Make Yarn! On a Spindle!

yarn with kristynLovely proprietor of Pleasurecraft, Kristyn Woodfine, is making a very special trip to our metropolis from the idyllic wilds of eastern Ontario to teach us to spin yarn! On a spindle!

We’ll be congregating at the Workroom (1340 Queen St. West) at 3pm on Sunday, February 28. The workshop will follow the regularly scheduled programming of Quilt Sunday.

Come learn & make!

Fight Moths with Craft!

photo by Becky Johnson

photo by Becky Johnson

So there seems to be a moth problem in this fair, yet chilly city and favorite sweaters and socks are breezier than they should be this time of year. Instead of scrapping them, mend them with the age old technique of darning!

The Toronto Church of Craft is hosting a darning workshop with wool connoisseur Becky Johnson. Bring in your old, your haggard, and your much loved woolens and learn how to make them wearable for another season of deep freeze.

We’ll be congregating at Heartbeat 960 – 960 Queen St. West (map) on Saturday, January 16 from 1pm to 4pm.

Drop on by, and mend! We’d love to see you out of hibernation!

Toronto Church of Craft gets all HYPERBOLIC!

green plane webSpace and time is relative – did you really think this little spot in the “www” would remain vacant forever? Of course not! And so, the T.O. CofC is shaking the cobwebs off our cache of crochet hooks to help bring you a very special night, examining a very special project.

Without further ado…the official blurb:

The Toronto Church of Craft and The Toronto Hyperbolic Crochet Reef are joining forces to bring a night of beginner crochet, higher mathematics and woolly underwater creatures to Hart House’s weekly Craft Night. Pioneered by Cornell University’s Prof. Daina Taimina, hyperbolic crochet is the process of making models of hyperbolic space through the use of simple crochet techniques. The math is complex, the crochet is easy. The forms created, with their frilly folds and intense crenelations, mimic many recognizable organic forms including a plethora of sea life. This visual likeness (among other reasoning) prompted Los Angeles’ Institute for Figuring to launch a touring crochet reef project a few years ago. Their project – like life itself – has ballooned since its inception, spawning various satellite reefs across the world. Now it’s Toronto’s turn. A new, collaborative reef is being founded for the city (premiering as such at the City of Craft fair and exhibition in December) and we need busy fngers to make it grow! For Hart House Craft Night, the entire seedling reef will be on display for inspection, the basics of hyperbolic crochet will be taught (beginners welcome) and materials provided (on the contingency that you use them to contribute to the project). Members of the Toronto Hyperbolic Reef Conservation Society will be on hand to supply crochet instruction and confused mathematics as well as Leah Buckareff, Reverend Mother of the Toronto Church of Craft (more than just a figurehead, she can help you crochet, too!). If you want to keep your model, just bring your own yarn – any guage will do (just stay away from mohairs, eyelash yarns or any other frizzy stuff if you are a beginner). If you would like to donate your model, we supply the yarn.

October 20
6pm – 9pm
Hart House in the Reading Room
(here’s directions)

More info
Hyperbolic Crochet –
City of Craft –
Hart House Craft Night –

Toronto Crafters Unite!

Toronto Church of CraftThe Toronto Church of Craft is on a bit of a hiatus. This is due to my temporary absence off the continent. However, dear congregants, there’s literally TONS of crafty happenings with workshops and get-togethers all over this good city!

Here’s some resources to get your craft on:

The Paper Place
The Paper Place is absolutely THE place for incredible workshops on all things paper.

Nathalie-Roze & Co. offers huge variety of workshops from working with textiles to bookbinding.

Toronto Craft Alert
Jen and her team at the Toronto Craft Alert keep you updated on an overwhelming amount of crafty happenings. Bookmark it!

The Workroom
The Workroom is so inspiring that you’re likely to inadvertently spend an afternoon there – and that’s totally okay.

City of Craft
City of Craft is collective very close to my heart. With shows and events all year long you’re hands will rarely be idle!

For the yarn fetishists:
Knit Cafe
Lettuce Knit

Handmade Nation

The indie craft movement is coming to a big screen near you with Faythe Levine’s new documentary and book, Handmade Nation!

Faith traveled to 15 cities and interviewed 80 crafters to gather material for the project. The movie includes an interview with Callie about the roots of the Church of Craft, and the book contains an essay along the same lines.

You can check the Handmade Nation website to find screenings of the movie in your area, and get some background by checking out Faythe’s blog.

Here’s the trailer: