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Another venue lost

I’m very sad to report that Manchester has lost its newest and most exciting social/community centre for the time being. Due to a number of factors, The Chapel has had to cease using the premises they had. I’m saddened by this not only on the CofC front but also because I saw how much hard work was going into running the other activities and events that went on there. I have made some good friends and there is a lot of passion and energy behind the project so hopefully it won’t be too long until something else is up and running.

At the moment Manchester is a-buzz with creativty of all kinds as Manchester International Festival takes place. I’ve been checking out various bits and pieces as I can. Last Sunday was probably my favourite part so far when I was part of the assembled hordes for  Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller’s  Procession. I have a lot of love for my home city and the wider region so it was great to see so many aspects of what makes the place represented. I liked the fact that as well as covering the more usual bits of Manchester’s history (the milland the music), some of the more hidden bits of  the city-region were looked at: from the goth/emo kids outside Urbis to the Big Issue sellers. My favourite float was definitely the Celebration of the Chip, and I don’t even like fish and chips.

I was very taken with the beautiful banners, the same way I love the ones in the People’s History Museum. Gorgeously sewn bright banners which looked fantastic in the summer sun. You can go find out more about the Procession at The Cornerhouse gallery or by looking at the website

Church of Craft Manchester meets the Chapel

After a considerable number of set backs with finding a suitable home for Church of Craft Manchester (we’ve lost two venues the week before meetings were due, thanks to fire/flood and then an eviction) I am truly over the moon, sun and stars to announce that Church of Craft now has a permanant home at Platt Chapel, Fallowfield.

The Chapel is a 220 year old non-denominational church and a Grade II listed building, a far better environment than the cafes we’ve tried to make work in the past!  There is, of course, a cafe there, I cannot craft without some cake and a coffee, and I urge all of the Manchester congregation to buy their fairtrade and very reasonably priced drinks to help fund this new and wonderful social centre.

To celebrate the first week of opening the Chapel, we will be having a special one off Wednesday meeting, this Wednesday 25th March from 6pm until we get thrown out. The main project will be to decorate fabric squares which will then be used to create a beautiful piece of patchwork wall art for the Chapel.

On behalf of Church of Craft Manchester, I’d like to say a big thanks to all of those who have been involved in The Chapel project so far and I’m so happy to have finally found the Church perhaps its natural home in a chapel

Address : Platt Chapel, Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M14 6JA

Contact or 07905264567 for more details.

Crafty love

Rev. Steph

Handmade Nation

The indie craft movement is coming to a big screen near you with Faythe Levine’s new documentary and book, Handmade Nation!

Faith traveled to 15 cities and interviewed 80 crafters to gather material for the project. The movie includes an interview with Callie about the roots of the Church of Craft, and the book contains an essay along the same lines.

You can check the Handmade Nation website to find screenings of the movie in your area, and get some background by checking out Faythe’s blog.

Here’s the trailer: