Craft-On at ETSY in Brooklyn

Please join us on the third Thursday of every month from 5-8 pm.
We’ll be at Etsy Labs!

55 Washington Street, Suite 712 in DUMBO Brooklyn

This place is AMAZING! The labs are home to all kinds of special tools & equipment, plus lots of donated supplies for us to use (but it would be a good idea to bring thread & stuff if you want to use the sewers). They are all about encouraging people to make stuff, just like us, so we get to have this special event every month where access to all of their goodies is totally free. If you like it there you can always go back for their Monday Craft Nights.

There is lots of big tables & chairs to spread out on. Our meetings are a casual drop in affair, come any time, bring anyone, bring anything you are working on or come & just check out what everyone else is up to. Snacks are welcome.

Sign up for the monthly e-mail update here.

Please e-mail the Very Esteemed Callie Janoff for more information.

Can’t wait to see you there!

San Francisco Gets Crafty

Great news, Bay Area crafters…. we’ve booked Citizen Space for a few fabulous Church of Craft Sundays!

  • August 23rd – great time, thanks for coming!
  • September 27th – great time, thanks for coming!
  • October 25th, 12-5pm <– join us!

craft crazyness!

Citizen Space is super easy to get to: A breeze to get to w/ public transportation (only 4 blocks from BART – yes!), or super easy to park, if you drive (downtown on Sunday = free meters).

Please join us!
Citizen Space
425 2nd Street @ Harrison, #100
Entrance is easy – it’s on the ground floor, so simply enter through the large industrial garage door that will be wide open! It’s a nice big, bright space with lots of tables & chairs. Newcomers always welcome!!

CRAFT-ON, 12-5 pm: Bring your new or continuing craft projects to work on with your fellow crafters. As always, you can craft during the swap, come and go open house style, and potluck snacks are optional.

Don’t have any crafty projects going? Have you wanted to come to a CoC meeting forever, but have no idea what to craft? I actually hear this a lot… so check it out:

I made this little owl today at craft dayThis Sunday I will bring craft supplies for you all to create things with!
It will be a smattering of things (magazines, glue & posterboard for collages, my button maker, jewelry stuff, paints, etc). YES! I know you’re all creative and it will be (always is) super fun to see what’s created throughout the afternoon. If any others feel like bringing extra crafty project items to share, too, that’d be wonderful.

I’d love to see this Sunday be our biggest SFCoC yet, so please join us & bring a friend!

If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment on this post, call or email the SF Church of Craft Coordinator (me), Willo at 415-505-5507.

Announcement: Next LA Church of Craft Meeting October 25th

Dear Friends in Craft:

Please join us for the first Church of Craft meeting of the fall on Sunday, October 25th just in time for Halloween. This time, I’ll be sans infant because she’s gotten quite grabby, which means I haven’t been able to knit much.  I’m so looking forward to seeing you all, and sorry for how long it’s been.

Come on down (or up, depending on where you live).

Grab your knitting needles, crochet hooks, embroidery thread, yarn, paper, pens, pencils, anything you need to make something cool and join us Sunday, October 25th for the next Church of Craft meeting.

Meeting details:

Where: The Coffee Table in Eagle Rock
1958 Colorado Boulevard

When: Sunday, October 25th
2:00 pm until 5:00 pm or so

You can park on the street or in a lot across the way for free.
For those of you taking public transportation, many bus lines
and the DASH serve this street. Check out the trip planner on to plan out your specific route.

Email me with any questions or comments at:

Also, if you have any suggestions for future meetings or things you’d like to do, let me know.

Peace Through Craft,

Toronto Church of Craft gets all HYPERBOLIC!

green plane webSpace and time is relative – did you really think this little spot in the “www” would remain vacant forever? Of course not! And so, the T.O. CofC is shaking the cobwebs off our cache of crochet hooks to help bring you a very special night, examining a very special project.

Without further ado…the official blurb:

The Toronto Church of Craft and The Toronto Hyperbolic Crochet Reef are joining forces to bring a night of beginner crochet, higher mathematics and woolly underwater creatures to Hart House’s weekly Craft Night. Pioneered by Cornell University’s Prof. Daina Taimina, hyperbolic crochet is the process of making models of hyperbolic space through the use of simple crochet techniques. The math is complex, the crochet is easy. The forms created, with their frilly folds and intense crenelations, mimic many recognizable organic forms including a plethora of sea life. This visual likeness (among other reasoning) prompted Los Angeles’ Institute for Figuring to launch a touring crochet reef project a few years ago. Their project – like life itself – has ballooned since its inception, spawning various satellite reefs across the world. Now it’s Toronto’s turn. A new, collaborative reef is being founded for the city (premiering as such at the City of Craft fair and exhibition in December) and we need busy fngers to make it grow! For Hart House Craft Night, the entire seedling reef will be on display for inspection, the basics of hyperbolic crochet will be taught (beginners welcome) and materials provided (on the contingency that you use them to contribute to the project). Members of the Toronto Hyperbolic Reef Conservation Society will be on hand to supply crochet instruction and confused mathematics as well as Leah Buckareff, Reverend Mother of the Toronto Church of Craft (more than just a figurehead, she can help you crochet, too!). If you want to keep your model, just bring your own yarn – any guage will do (just stay away from mohairs, eyelash yarns or any other frizzy stuff if you are a beginner). If you would like to donate your model, we supply the yarn.

October 20
6pm – 9pm
Hart House in the Reading Room
(here’s directions)

More info
Hyperbolic Crochet –
City of Craft –
Hart House Craft Night –

SF Bay Area – Craft-on in Oakland, Sunday, October 18

Hello Crafting sisters and brothers,

Please join us for the October 18 Church of Craft — regulars and newcomers alike are welcome here!!


Sunday School 12-1: How to make a zine class….. makes the Church of Craft Zine! Yep, we’ll be assembling the second-ever CofC zine. Cool!

Craft-on, 12-5 pm: Bring your new or continuing craft projects to work on with your fellow crafters. As always,  come and go open house style, and potluck snacks are optional.

DATE/TIME: Sunday, October 18 (always the 3rd Sunday) from 12-5 pm

LOCATION: We meet at Rock Paper Scissors Collective, located a few blocks from the 19th St. BART station.

Rock Paper Scissors Collective
2278 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA
RPSC Phone: 510.238.9171

MORE INFO: Please sign up for our email list so you’ll receive updates on our activities and groovy reminders.

Questions? Suggestions, ideas? We’d love to hear them.

Hope you can join us!

- Lesley

p.s. TEACH!! We’re looking for Sunday School teachers. Share a skill and learn a skill…So far we’ve had beginning knitting, Korean paper arts, freezer paper stencils, crochet granny squares, embroidery basics, and needle felting…. A huge thanks to all who have taught!! I know we have some crafters thrilled about their newfound skills…)