Back in the Saddle in Anchortown!

What an awesome summer it has been! I know we’ve all been busy scurrying around outdoors enjoying what the weather had to offer, and now with termination dust making it’s debut on the mountains, it’s time for us to take our cue to get crafty.

Join us at Bella Boutique (2601 Spenard Rd, Midtown) for an as always fun night of getting our craft on. Thursday September 29th from 5 – 8ish with munchies, your brew or vintage of choice, and a lot of fun. Tables and chairs provided, but feel free to bring a floor pillow to kick it Old School. Overflow craftiness moves to Sugarspoon next door.

As always this group is open to the public so spread the word. We are a totally fun group (if I do say so myself) and respect the opinions and views of all members.

And of course, keep track of the chatter on our Facebook page. Get in on the action and get crafty!

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