Church of Craft Manchester UK

I am very happy to announce that after being venue-less for many months Church of Craft Manchester is in the final stages of acquiring a new home for 2009.

From January 2009 onwards, Church of Craft Manchester will be congregating at The Marbella Cafe, a lovely space in a lovely building. You can find out more about Marbella just here . Having recently sampled their food I can definitely vouch for them.

SUnshine Studios where Marbella is based is a great place too, lots of exciting things happening there from dance classes to art shows in the Upper Space gallery. And for those who don’t have to patience to sew our unique threads (which is most of us at least some of the time), there is the very lovely Silverwood Shop there too.

I look forward to seeing all of you in January !


Rev. Steph

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