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Montréal Church of Craft

Le Church of Craft de Montréal se rencontre une fois par mois à:
The Church of Craft de Montréal meets once a month at:

Une Grenouille dans la théière
5940, rue Saint-Hubert
(514) 227-0473
Métro Rosemont ou Beaubien…

Plush You 2008

I was lucky enough to attend this year’s Plush You show in Seattle. There was so many amazing plush by so many talented artists! I was truly impressed by the skill and craftsmanship as a whole. I am going to …

DIY Salon at MAD

Welcome to the craftiest season of the year. If it’s not whipping up your Halloween Costume, it’s creating a holiday meal, warming up with a ball of yarn, or planning a party to share the spirit of crafting with your …

Call for Crafty Artists

The 4th Annual Holiday Sale: 2008 Christmas Island Get-Away

Root Division

Join over 30 local fine artists and craftspeople for this one-night-
only sale at Root Division. Space is $40 for 5 linear feet of table
or wall space …

Upcoming Events in Athens

I know we are all thinking of Halloween lately, but the holidays are fast approaching! There are some crafty things afoot here in Athens until we have the next Church of Craft meeting.

First, some Etsy members in Athens are …