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Who Remembers Kathy Barra?

The Cubby Creatures’ delightful EP features the song “Knitting Bee”, which was inspired by the Church!

Check it out here:

Who Remembers Kathy Barra?

Leah Buckareff’s “Nuts n’ Bolts”

There’s a mention of the Toronto Chapter in this article about The Good Book, Leah Buckareff’s “Nuts n’ Bolts” no-sew scrapbook, as seen in Canadian Living a while back.…

Make yer own damn jam

Kirsten Hudson gives props to the Church for this deliciousness on the Supernaturale site. Follow her instructions and turn your excess apples into an awesome vial of apple butter:  Home Canning: Make yer own damn jam

Pysanky-Panky: Eggin’ with the Craftin’ Cousin

In this great article, Becky Haycox gives you the groovy lowdown on egg dying, Ukrainian style. That means beeswax and maybe even ostrich eggs! Check it out: Pysanky-Panky: Eggin’ with the Craftin’ Cousins